George Orwells big brother nightmare is upon us

The elite want to deploy Adam and Eve
And bring back the city of Ur

They want to re encode and re encrypt our genetics
And turn us into obedient cyborgs

We the people have become objects of play
And are getting our DNA tampered with

Your digital twin has been uploaded in the Cloud
And your neurons are watched in real time

Bio sensers made from your tissues amino acids and peptides
Are attached to nano transducers

Which monitor your electrical signals
And route the data to radio frequency sinks

The transformation of the atmosphere
Creates the cyber backbone for the processing power needed

We the people have become a wireless system
For unnatural millimeter waves that cause inflammation

The waves create heat and pressure differentials
That disrupt your immune system and damage your biofield

JPL is a system of surveillance and reconnaissance
That maps you down to your bone marrow via your bio photons

Through piezoelectrical control
Your responses are modified to a desired outcome

Every time DARPA deploys a gradient wave
For uncoupling or downloading
You suffer with pain

Circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid
Creates new bio photons every 30 days

But as they are being syphoned off
You become depleted
And a mere battery constantly in need of recharge

We the people did not give our consent to
This unfettered access of radionics and optics to our bodies

And we the people did not give our approval to be played with
By the transmission of waves being oscillated through us!