The other night I had a dream
Where a person I had recently come across was wearing a 31

3 is the spiritual manifestation of confidence combined with self expression
It is authentic genuine behavior exhibiting natural eloquence

1 means a new beginning and an optimistic outlook
It is creativity and self assuredness

31 is the combination of the vibrational energies of 3 and 1
It is an assurance that with dialogue everything will be OK
And that I will be able to complete the task at hand with ease and poise

It is showing me I should trust my connection to Source
And know that I have the power to attract anyone or anything into my life

31 is telling me to move forward to a desirable outcome
And that this is the right moment to make things happen

It is saying that I will spread happiness and cheer to others
And that my own personal life will be more exciting and joyful

The Chinese regard 31 as the luckiest of numbers
That it is a sign to have a positive outlook on life and to use your gifts
The only thing you must do is believe

By having a constructive attitude and an affirmative expression
Positivity will allow you to achieve greatness

Fear of failure should not cloud my judgement
If I am afraid of taking risks
I cannot take steps toward advancement
It is time to be courageous and confident in my myself and my abilities

31 indicates the presence of spiritual powers
Who enable me to influence the world in a different perspective

I will let fear if it arises be my fuel
And I will let doubt encourage me

This is an opportunity to attract positive vibrations
That will put me in a more appreciative state of mind

It is a chance to consciously incorporate my dream world
Into my real world!