The Nexus Energy Ribbon
Is a wave of energy emanating from the Polar Axis
Every 39 years

Any being that enters The Nexus
If they survive the approach
Is transported to a realm
Where reality is shaped around them
To create a paradigm tailored to that individual

Once you enter The Nexus
A part of you can never leave

An echo of yourself will forever
Be a part of this strange realm

And a part of your consciousness
Is removed from the natural flow of time

Our subconscious mind can shape our reality
And the mind can also shape this malleable subspace

The ambient radiation of The Nexus
Creates a mild sense of euphoria

This euphoria which alleviates fears
Combines with our ability to conjure up realities based on thought
And produces pleasant things

In this northern land
Which we are prohibited from entering
Are the Alurians or El-Aurians

El is the Semitic word for Saturn
And Saturn was situated in the north

Alurians are very sensitive and telepathic
Stemming from their closeness to The Source

They live very long lives
And can create bones and grow limbs
Through their use of geoplasm

Like the Reptilians they have entered our realm
And pose as humans
But can be distinguished by their long necks

Everything is a lie in order to control us
We are being played
For the agenda of someone else

Make yourself the boss
Create your own rules
Do not follow
Do not play Simon Says

We are going into a better reality
But first there will be troubled times

Let this new reality embrace you!