If the earth rotating at a uniform speed is the cause of day and night
Then all our days and nights should be equal

If the earth is spinning at 1000 m/p/h and the atmosphere spins along with it
Then the wind and clouds should all move in the same direction
And there would be a tremendous rush of wind

Being on a spinning ball orbiting and racing through space
Would have disastrous effects on the human psyche

We are told that there is a magical force called gravity
That is in perfect synchronicity up to a non specified point
Which gives way to a non atmosphere of an infinite vacuum of space

And that this force keeps the water of all the oceans on the ground
Yet allows smoke butterflies balloons and kites to fly upwards

As a matter of fact a force that strong would crush everything else
Gravity is repeated over and over until you accept it

To further escalate the complete absurdity
Water does not curve
It seeks a level place
The notion that oceans curve is an impossibility

When a ship is said to disappear beyond the curve
Just zoom in with your Nikon P1000 or a telescope and it will reappear

The skyline of Chicago would not be seen 60 miles away on Lake Michigan on a globe 25000 miles in circumference
A skyline 60 miles away would be 240 feet below the horizon

The Midnight Sun is when the sun has reached its northern innermost circle in the Arctic
It is visible all day traveling in a circle overhead
Which would be impossible on a spinning globe even with an inclination or axial tilt of 23.5 degrees

It is also total lunacy that people are living upside down from the ones on the opposite side of the globe

These beliefs require massive amounts of propaganda to maintain the illusion
They are the ones that are worthy of endless ridicule

These fables have shown the terrible power of a lie
Able to make us mental slaves and spiritually empty

Violating the laws of legitimate reasoning
They are a horrendous conjuration of a trance like state practiced upon us

Where people believe all that matters is self
In a temporary existence!