You are the god particle
What you think becomes a hologram in front of you
You reprint your momentum

Reality is a frequency
Consciousness is a vibration

You project hertz sound waves that become a beam of geometry
Which transforms into a full holographic expression in the quantum field
A positive expression leads to a positive reality

You are in a matrix movie
The earth is going towards a new level of vibrational sequence
Activate your consciousness into a 5D platform

The universe is a pulsating geomantic hologram
What you put out into the structure
The magnetic field reflects back to you

You are the creator
When you switch your frequency
You make another virtual reality

Each hologram has a new geometry
With a new sequence and a new resonance
And a different location within the quantum structure

Your DNA is a sequence vibration modulator
When activated with the proper codes
It expands your light body into the aether

You become a space craft of consciousness
That can enter portals and bilocate
That can shift timelines and realities
Beyond your comprehension

Each person holds the entire quantum structure of the universe
Everyone is another version of you

You control the outcome
As long as you stay in the heart
And accumulate that frequency
You will move forward!