The Gray State is the reality
Blue and Red States are just the facade of a dictatorship
Protected by a Police State

A sophisticated system of indoctrination has produced trigger words
Which will simply turn off the vast majority of people

Lithium is being sprayed to produce controlled emotional states

The masses are being programmed to accept mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports

In the movie The Outbreak
Hazmat protective suits are required
And if a suit has a small tear it is a grave offense

Doctors will now lose their license if they expose information about the vaccines
That the State does not agree with

Doctors therefore become government agents
And pushers of pharmaceutical drugs

Schools will lose their funding
If they do not conduct COVID testing

Law enforcement officials who have not taken the jab are fired

Pharmaceutical companies who genetically modify food
And put the epicyte sterilization chemical into corn
Are also the FDA and the CDC

Skies are now filled with planes playing tic tac toe
They are saying the spraying is to save you from global warming

While they create computer imaged earth globes and cover up the fake moon landings
NASA says the reason why they cannot go back to the moon is because they destroyed all the equipment

Noah Pozner who allegedly died at Sandy Hook
Also died in the Pakistan school shooting

Fake shootings are to keep us in fear

CERN is blasting portals through our dimensional barrier
Saying their particle accelerator the Large Haldon Collider is for seeking out the god particle
And that they are trying to recreate the Big Bang

That the stars are close and remain fixed in the same exact same place in the firmament year after year
Testifies that the Big Bang never happened

Animals are stuffed in factory farms in horrible conditions
Then are sent out to the slaughterhouse at a young age
To suffer a horrible death
So that we can consume them

And fill our body with their fat and cholesterol
Which clogs our arteries smothers our cells blocks our veins
Preventing the normal functioning of our body

We are told we need their protein
Proteins are made of amino acids

Our body creates the protein it needs from amino acids
it creates non essential amino acids
And gets the essential amino acids from plants

All 20+ amino acids are in hemp oil
Which is easily absorbed into the body

A steak takes over a week to digest
But it still leaves undigested free radicals

It is all about power and the taking of consciousness

And now they want us to focus on the phony war in the Ukraine!