God streams into our surface mind
Disguised in the form of productive fantasy

The Devil is found only in ones imagination
Where one will entertain him
That is where he went

All things are possible to God
So they are also possible to each one of us

God is us and exists in us
We are trained to believe in an external God
To whom we bow and to whom we pray

We are the Temple of God
And the Spirit of God dwells in us

The interplay between the subconscious and the imagination
Is essential in the creative process

The imagination draws upon the subconscious to create new ideas
By combining and reconfiguring memories and experiences

The subconscious influences our thoughts feelings and actions
That ultimately shape our experience of reality

The imagination process is about evolution
And refurbishing new ideas for deliberate creation
Rather than living in a reflection of reality that happens by default

Focused imagination leads to effective manifestation of your desired reality
Occupy your desire
Do not just daydream it

Imagine having a conversation with a friend where the manifestation has already been produced
Or hearing a conversation about your success
Visualize being congratulated and internalize the feelings that were evoked

Imagine yourself in your manifested future then bring it back to your present awareness
Think from that state and not of it
Make it the here and make it the now

Reframe past negative experiences by reimagining them with a positive outcome
Live in that state until it becomes your main vantage point from which life is viewed
Connect emotionally to it

Clothe yourself with the feeling of the wish fulfilled as if it was done
Construct events that would naturally follow the achievement of your desire
Persist in that assumption and it will harden into fact

Act as if you are seeing your desire in your present reality
If you believe to the point of acceptance
Life will be marvelous for you!