The heart holds the vibrational sequence
For the 5th dimensional matrix and the ones above
That is why you need to remain the heart consciousness

You are the consciousness collapse into that particle of reality
You choose to experience

TV hijacks your consciousness
It projects scenarios that you think your reality should be

When you believe it and accept it you project it
And in the process you give your freedom away

Expand into the collective
Not only treat other humans with respect
But treat animals and all life with respect

When you eat animals you are promoting their suffering
And putting yourself on a negative timeline

Your attitude and emotions are a frequency resonance
As you input them into the fractal reality
It becomes your permanent reality

Your pineal gland receives and projects energy into the quantum field
Your beliefs intent and imagination become a blueprint
And you crystallize that energy into matter

When you go along with the control matrix
You consent to the manipulation

Until you download the instruction codes
And switch to a positive timeline
You will stay in the 3D matrix
And not move to the next level of consciousness

Do not allow someone to control your timeline
Create your reality within the illusion
Resonate happiness and take action from the heart

Every lie and every infliction of harm you heap onto other people and other life forms
You plaster a dense negative parallel hologram onto yourself
Which will eventually lead to a collapsed timeline

When you run on a program of compassion
You build a powerful vibration that is projected into the field

The universe is in a continuous flow
Energy constructs a hologram by mathematical geometries

Each momentum is one unit
And each shift is an expansion or reprint

The physical universe is a closed system
But the spiral trajectories of higher spiritual frequencies
Lead to the stars!