Mark Zuckerberg has announced Facebook
Will soon be called the Metaverse

It will be a virtual world
Where humans can interact with other humans
And also with non humans

A digital copy of yourself called an Avatar
Will be placed into this artificial reality

These metahumans can be created in minutes
And are already used in movies

The graphene oxide in the Covid vaccines
Will serve as sensors to certain 5G frequencies
Triggering remote body scans

And will activate the jumping into this artificial matrix
A replica of your consciousness

In the Metaverse
The non humans will feed off human energy

Another reality will exist
In the same space and time as this one

The goal is to turn us into hand puppets
In the anti human agenda

Where we cannot embody our higher expression and divine blueprint
And unable to align with our spiritual direction

The metaverse will be an unnatural bi wave field
Where our higher DNA functioning is not accessed

When we learn to connect to our inner selves
When we grow beyond programmed responses
And dissolve distorted fear patterns

When we build strength in virtues
And align with our souls purpose
Allowing truth to permeate through our core being

Higher vibrations will attract higher influences

These forces will clear out the inner shadow
Which produces low self perceptions with poor discernment

And alien mind control will cease!