Mad scientist experiments in underground military bases
That mix and match interspecies DNA
Has monstrous results

It is because spiritual imprints are unique to each individual
And combining DNA or body parts has energetic consequences

And hormones whether it be from an organ transplant
Or from the consumption of a murdered animal
Will be destructive to the recipient

Alien groups who desire to take earth based genetic codes
For hybridization and cloning elsewhere
Discover that earth DNA cannot sustain itself in other vibrational realms

All living creatures here in the collective soul
Are key coded to the earth

In todays death culture
Many humans and animals are worth more money dead than alive

A dissected human with transplantable organs and tissues
Can be sold to the highest bidder with no questions asked

But because of the rejection by the recipients immune system
An immense amount of immune suppressing pharmaceuticals will need to be taken

Our bodies have no use for the saturated fat and cholesterol of animals
As it is stored in various places it impedes natural body functioning

And when our body is unable to break down the acidic proteins of animals
Free radicals are formed which wreak havoc upon our system

As a result of these conditions pharmaceuticals are prescribed

Krystal Star Guardians help disseminate the Law of One to humanity
And disclose the agenda of human trafficking and animal abuse
Which are overseen at the top by off world interests

They inform of the mechanics of spiritual freedom and sovereignty
Paying attention to the many different layers of consciousness patterns
So that humans can reclaim their true history and origin
Through awareness and the implementing of higher thoughts

Spiritual and physical incompatibilities are the result of this Dark Aeon
Of alien hybridization and experimentation

The Neanderthal was also an experiment

The last experiment is transhumanism
Replacing human contact with machine based experiences
Which replicate organic lifestyles

Once the mind is uploaded into the AI Server
The persons consciousness is replicated
And put in a variety of artificial realities
With an illusion of freedom
But in truth the AI is controlling the simulation experience

The real agenda behind transhumanism is to interfere with higher consciousness embodiment
And to repel access to higher mind matrices

Preventing translocation abilities
And stopping the re encryption into your higher self

Strengthening alien bonds that will siphon your life force
Keeping you from your greatest destiny path!