During the Atlantean invasion
When intrusive forces attempted to control the crystal core
It resulted in an explosion
Damaging the instruction sets and data memory storage
For the earth plane

The shattered remnants were used to run reversal currents
Which damaged our bio neurology
Resulting in mind control

As our brains properly decipher the renewed crystalline intelligence
Repairs to the thalamus and neural synapses are occurring

The thalamus deciphers and transmits information
From the crystal technology of the inner earth

Then connects with the fornix nerve fibers
And the limbic system
Which relates our emotional experiences
And unlocks our higher sensory perception

Which erases artificial signals of mind control and metatronic reversals
Reconfiguring the entire solar plexus area

The lattice crystalline ray structure of the platinum current
Which activates sun disc spirals
Has been dormant since the Atlantean cataclysm

This gold crystalline technology of the earth grid
Is a highway of holographic light frequency patterns

It is a network of geomantic blueprints
Which holds living crystal consciousness
Performing specific functions

It extends out into the celestial map
Of sun star networks in the Universal plane
That transmits star crystals
And a range of stellar frequencies
That allow for consciousness transport to other dimensions

The formation of new crystal stars
Will transmit healing crystal frequencies for fractured souls

Major sun disc vortexes are in
Brazil Bolivia Scotland Egypt and Australia

Platinum ray crystalline energies
Have seeded the ascension template

They act as harmonic stabilizers with parallel realities
And are shield protectors of the Earth crystal core

They run the highest available coherent energy
In the whole spectrum
Of opalescent and pearlescent rainbow crystal light

Activating the biological crystal in humans
Which is in the 14th chakra

That connects human consciousness
To energy records in the crystalline network
Through a biochemical interface of hydroplasmic light

And connects directly to the frequency code
Of the Law of One consciousness

Which is the unified state that exists
Between multidimensional energies!