We blindly follow the matrix which is beamed into us
The Saturn matrix is a band of frequency which we are unknowingly attuned to

The moon has a blue circle around it
It shines electric blue because it is an amplifier

It magnifies the Saturn broadcast
Then fires it at the earth with far greater power

The F ring of Saturn is the most distant ring
It is 3 times as wide and twice as bright as it was just a few decades ago
That means the frequencies of the bands are pulsating at a much higher intensity

The small particles seen in the rings are not chunks of ice
As widely proclaimed by mainstream astronomers
They are crystals which are generating a higher frequency
And are expanding the rings

The ring structure is more like the spokes of a wheel
Saturns system of rings is the Wheel of Shamash
It is the wheel in the sky that keeps on turning

The matrix is the manipulation of Saturn
And the magnification and projection of its light rays by the artificial moon

It is a system of bondage that we are born into
It is a prison whose walls we cannot comprehend
Because it is a prison of the mind
That blinds us from the truth

Saturns light is infused with codes
With a firewall that blocks out our original and true reality

The crystals are a receiving and transmission system
Orchestrating powerfully enormous and horrible radio emissions
Whose sound is the information matrix which we are tuned into

Our brains pick up and decode the emissions as reality

A delusion will belabor consciousness
And will render the soul unable to pass into higher states

Delusions are being sent into our brain
Then stored in our DNA and passed down to our descendants

You will know the kind of reality you will experience by your vibration

It is important to be in the moment
And to create your own vibrational holograms
From a non delusional mind!