Abu Ghurab in Egypt was a sacred stargate
But is now one big debris field
And is closed to the public

It produced high spiritual vibrations that created heightened awareness
The expanded awareness enabled one to connect to sacred universal energies

The vibrations were transmitted through massive alabaster platforms
Huge mandalas were ornamented on the platforms
That carried a specific energetic frequency

Like at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan Mexico
An abundance of large sheets of mica is all around the pyramid at Abu Ghurab

Mica is a delicate crystal
And is a semiconductor

Mica is also an insulator for protection from high voltage
And a resonator for acoustical devices

Abu Ghurab has colossal red granite blocks with quartz crystal
Its Atlantean construction consists of precision cut and polished stone
All fit together with extraordinary accuracy

Perfectly cut drill marks are found in the granite and alabaster
The whole place resonates with advanced scientific achievement and laser technology

Abu Ghurab produced piezoelectricity
And hummed with the frequency of enlightenment

Like the bell shaped towers at Sillustani in Peru
The sound vibration at Abu Ghurab lifted one to new heights

Very recently only a few hundred years ago
It was suddenly destroyed by an overpowering show of force

Reminiscent of the pulverized andesite at Puma Punku in Bolivia
And other devastated sites all over the world

The force responsible operates from the lower realms
It wants to keep humans in a state of lower vibration

Elevate yourself with the Law of Polarity
When you encounter negativity concentrate on the opposite pole

The moment you accept your wish as an accomplished fact
The imagined state will begin to take on tones of reality

And the subconscious will find the means for its realization!