Vortexes are located at crossing points
Of the earths grid system

Areas above these intersections will have a substantial increase
In the flow of plasma energy

Examples are Mt Shasta Maui and Glastonbury England
The most popular place that contains vortex points is Sedona Arizona

Sedona has 7 main energy centers
Cathedral Rock Airport Mesa Boynton Canyon
Bell Rock Holy Cross Vortex Schnebly Hill and Courthouse Butte

The sandstone crimson pillars will demand your gaze and wonder
They are interspersed with layers of brilliant quartz crystal

Which amplify a universal energetic force
That will energetically set you free

Feelings are felt more powerfully
While buried emotional energy is uprooted unentangled and released

Thoughts will more easily manifest
Psychic phenomenon will be experienced
And a spiritual alignment will occur

Glastonbury Cathedral was built on a ley line to harness the inner earth energy
This was also done in Sedona

The amazing rock formations at Sedona are former grand edifices
The previous Tartarian empire in America was taken down by energy weaponry

You can easily see many striated marks from electrical currents on these melted and transmuted structures
Tremendous heat from high powered lasers transformed the elements to what we see now

Quartz crystal was intentionally included in the construction of these now metamorphized buildings
Which still resonate from the vortexes of source energy that arise from below!