Giant human footprints are found in rock and stone all over the world
They were imprinted when the soil was soft and muddy
The clay hardened and the footprints became petrified

Petrified forests also abound
The trees were electrified and instantly hardened
The wide variety of trees suggest a totally different climate

Devils Tower in Wyoming is a giant petrified tree stump

There are gigantic petrified mushrooms in the American southwest
That are passed off as just rock formations from the result of hundreds of millions of years of rain and wind

The Grand Canyon is an enormous lightning strike or Lichtenburg figure

Petrified giant humans and animals are also embedded in the rock structure

Buildings and cities have also been subject to high energy heat
The ancient city of Petra in Jordon has been heated and melted
Ancient dwellings in Cappadocia Turkey have also been softened and deformed by high temperature radiation

Crystals and gemstones are not the result of hundreds of millions of years of volcanic activity or meteoric impacts
They were formed quickly from high energy electrical discharges

We are purposely given a false account of our history
And we are continuously lied to in the news

We are told we are in an eternal pandemic in need of constant booster shots
We are given transhumanist gene editing under the disguise of a remedy for a deadly virus

We are told how much the government is racing to find the cure for this malady
But at the same time they poison the water and food with toxic chemicals

Sweden being the most obedient nation
Has accepted without complaint the roll out of digitized money

Train derailments with chemical bombs of nitric oxides dioxins and vinyl chloride
Are being blamed on failed sensors
And being hinted at as the result of Chinese terrorism

We are being bombarded with negativity
When one is in the state of fear they are easily controlled

The more of a positive mindset you keep
The less you will experience negative holograms

Drink distilled water because it is negatively charged
And will flush out heavy metals and toxic chemicals

Gazing at the sun for limited time periods
Increases the photons in your body
You activate the photonic light by the heart structure

Feel the fulness of fear then move through it
If you stay in fear you will become quantum entangled with it

You are the creator of your hologram
Every domain of your emotional structure goes into your reality

Tune your thoughts into the positive
And you will project a positive timeline!