Our subconscious is connected to the belief system that has been given us
We think of a reality that matches that frequency
And limit ourselves by our thoughts

The concept of separation is the greatest illusion
Religious programming keeps us suppressed and divided

When we connect to our higher consciousness
We bring out our true selves

When we embody our creator self
We open up chemical codes in our DNA called codons

They will fire up in fluorescent like activation
Our inner light language that was dormant in our genome alphabet library is unlocked
And our innate plasma DNA geometry of micro molecules comes online

Humans carry the highest genetic potential
We are an amalgamation and embodiment of celestial races in one genome

Humans are a masterpiece of all creation
We contain the DNA capacity to go above and beyond the highest realms

We possess a living consciousness of liquid light plasma
And have the ability to hold a strong electrical charge

After the fall of Atlantis our genome was mixed with primate DNA
To keep us on a low level of consciousness

90 percent of the human population is Rh positive
Which means 90 percent of humans are synthesized with the Rhesus monkey protein
Rh negative humans can take in a higher vibrational sequence much easier

The nob on our radio dial needs to be adjusted to the right frequency
Then we will connect to the Divine as well as other off world ET races

Humans have the capacity to feel everything with our wide range of emotions
We are the ultimate hybrid race in the cosmos
With the ability to be on an interdimensional timeline

You will see your highest expression when you project it!