Animals who feel just like we do caged up all their lives. Animals being beaten, stabbed, electrocuted then murdered in some deplorable way. Animals being hung upside down getting their throats slit. Fighting until their last breath with all their strength to escape the clutches of evil as blood pours from them. Animals being scalded to death with hot water. Animals being skinned alive. Baby calves torn away from their mothers to be sold as veal. They all want to experience freedom, love and happiness just like us but the morbid scenes and tormenting goes on.

I don’t care what your religion may or may not say. I don’t care what your ego is trying to convey. I don’t care what your dimly lit soul is trying to express. THIS IS FUCKING MURDER! THIS IS FUCKING CRUELTY! THIS IS FUCKING MADNESS! THIS IS FUCKING PSYCHOPATHIC! THIS IS FUCKING CRIMINAL! THIS IS FUCKING INSANE! THIS IS FUCKING EVIL!

And now we know eating animals is unhealthy. The saturated fats cause diabetes, heart disease, strokes etc. The meat has harmful bacteria. And injected hormones. But is has no enzymes. No fiber. The ‘eat meat for protein message’ turns turns out to be a big lie! We get plenty of protein from a plant based diet because it is plants that have the enzymes to break down the protein and nutrients for us to absorb.

The vibrations of the emotions (energy in motion) experienced by the tortured animal remains in the flesh.  We lower our vibrations when we consume tortured animals.

Not only is trauma stored in the DNA our vibrational energy is passed down to our descendants. Thus emotion, attitude and behavior is influenced in later generations.

And our soul starts again where it left off in the previous life. The mistakes of a past incarnation will manifest again.

But the cycle can be broken. Revive you conscience! And nurture it! Quit buying animal products! And your soul will shine brighter! Your health will be better! And animals will live!