A slaughterhouse.
Nobody even wants to think about a slaughterhouse.
Nobody wants to look at what’s going on inside of one either.
There is a reason for that.
Slaughterhouses are The Teas Chainsaw Massacre times 1000.
Nothing good happens at a slaughterhouse.
Humans are supposed to have compassion.
They are supposed to care if harm is being inflicted on another living being.
A slaughterhouse should not exist.
Animals can smell death and they know what is going on when they arrive at a slaughterhouse.
They try to find a way to escape but are electrically prodded to go a certain way.
If they put up too much of a fight they are prodded in the eyes.
They try in vain to escape the guy in the bloody white suit with a big knife in his hands.
They will fight and scream while they hang upside down with their throat cut and with a pellet shot in their head.
They scream as they are lowered into an underground gas chamber which burns them from the inside out and inflicts incredible pain.
They will fight with their last breath to stay alive.
But their screams are being heard.
By more and more people.
Sometimes an animal gets saved at a slaughterhouse by animal rights activists who are protesting.
The animal is in shock.
But they sense a different emotion in these humans.
They sense goodness and caring.
They sense they will be protected.
Such an incredible feeling to an animal who has not been shown one ounce of compassion their whole life.
Who has experienced only coldness and suffering from humans.
A new dawn is on the horizon.
A renaissance is happening.
A revival is taking place.
A reawakening of our true nature.
Compassion for our animal brethren.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Gets extended to others beings who can feel love and pain just like us.
Who can comprehend good and evil.
Who want to live in peace.
It is time to go vegan.
It is time to shut down all slaughterhouses!