All animals have awareness, personality, feeling and intellect.
They have a soul.
They want to live long happy lives just like we do.

Countries are banning the use of them as food.
Connecting it to the spread of the Corona Virus.

All the Asian markets that sell fish, frogs, snakes, octopuses and eels are being shut down.
But the caging, skinning and cooking of dogs goes on.

Will this be the catalyst of change needed to positively redirect how we treat other living beings?
How we cowardly kill other sentient individuals for fleshly pleasure?

Here are some of the common practices we inflict upon our fellow earthlings:

Pigs are kept in gestation crates that are so small they can’t even turn around.
Pigs are castrated and get their teeth puled out with a pair of pliers.
Unwanted baby pigs will be killed by smashing their heads against the wall.

Chickens are stuffed in cages all their lives.
Chickens are also packed in a dark barn all their lives so that they can be called free range.
Chickens and turkeys will get their beaks cut off so that they will not peck each other when they are crammed in small cages.

98% of cows are kept in small confinement areas in factory farms.
Where they stand in their own urine and feces all day.
Then after about 6 months they are sent to the slaughterhouse.

When a race horse is not profitable anymore they are shot in the head.
In Spain greyhounds who have slowed down are thrown alive down a well to starve to death.

Whales are harpooned and dragged along a ship bleeding to death.
A baby whale is often following the mother.
When they are to weak to fight anymore they are dragged on the ship.
They die a slow agonizing death being cut up when still alive.

Smaller whales such as beluga whales are trapped in small areas and then shot.
Orcas are speared to death.
Seals are bludgeoned to death with a metal rod.

Deer, moose and elk are hunted mercilessly with high powered rifles.
They are also shot with arrows from high powered bows.
They wander around wounded for miles until they become weak and die from the loss of blood.

Bears, wolves and coyotes are killed for the thrill of it.
Their dens are invaded by hunters who shoot to death all the young.

Bobcats, lynx and cougars are caught in traps which cut into the flesh.
They suffer tremendously for days.
Then the trapper shows up and shoots them.

Often the animal will try to chew off their leg so they can escape to be with their young.

Humans who have moved into the habitat of an animal will poison them.

Fish are pulled out of the water with nets or hooks and they suffocate to death.
Or after they are caught they are imprisoned in a small enclosure so that they will not rot.
They are often skinned alive.

Dolphins, turtles, octopuses are caught in huge fishing nets and left to die.

Young orcas and dolphins are kidnapped from their families.
They are confined in small tanks all their lives.
Where they can only swim in circles and perform tricks for food.
All for the amusement of a heartless audience.

Elephants, lions, tigers and bears are held captive in circuses.
If they don’t perform they are punished by whipping, beating and starving.
When they are not performing they are shackled in chains.

Crabs, lobsters and shrimp are boiled alive in hot scolding water.

Their body parts are used as bait for fishing.
Which are cut or ripped off while they are still alive.

Rabbits, mice, dogs, cats, monkeys are kept in small cages for painful experiments.
The get injected with poisons or get toxic chemicals dropped in their eyes.

Mice are caught in traps in which their feet stick to the floor and they slowly die of hunger.

Geese are force fed corn so after a few months people can eat their liver calling it foie gras.
Geese and ducks get their feathers ripped out for blankets and pillows.
This would be akin to having your hair pulled out.

Bees have their food stolen and replaced by GMO sugar.
This honey is produced in their stomach which they vomit up.
Bees are also caught in traps where they wonder around and around desperately trying to find a way out.

Baby male chicks are put in a grinder right after they are born because they are unprofitable to the egg industry.
Male chicks are also stuffed in garbage bags and put in the dumpster where they die a slow death from starvation.

Egg laying hens are injected with hormones and kept under a bright intense light all their lives.
To make them produce an abnormal amount of eggs.
When their eggs are stolen it causes them a lot of grief and stress.
When they are still young and their egg production falls off they are sent to the slaughterhouse.

Birds are captured in the wild and prevented from ever flying again.
Their wings are clipped and they are incarcerated in small cages to serve as pets.

Male calves in the dairy industry are separated from their mother at birth.
Then confined to a small holding pen exposed to the elements.
Because they cannot run around their muscles are weak and tender and they are sold to the meat industry as veal.

Female calves in the dairy industry are also separated from their mother at birth and become an enslaved dairy cow.
They are raped with a rape rack.
When the female calf is about to give birth she starts lactating.
She is then hooked up to painful milking machines so humans can steal her milk.
Humans do this even though cows milk is unhealthy for them and hard to digest.

The milk moustache is pus from bacterial infections caused by the milking machines.

After a few short years when the dairy cow is spent she will be shipped off to the slaughterhouse.

Bulls are stabbed, starved, drugged and then forced into a bullfighting arena where they are mocked and teased.
Then afterwards they are killed and eaten.

Young little calves get their necks snapped in rodeos when they are roped and tied.
So that some guy can try to prove his manliness.

Lions, tigers and leopards are shot for the sole purpose of mounting their head on a wall.
Or fully displaying them after being stuffed and preserved at a taxidermy.

Elephants, rhinoceroses and bears are shot so that their horns, bones or organs can be ground up in some type of supposed elixir.

Horses, wolves and buffalo are shot from helicopters with high powered rifles by people in government agencies who own cattle ranches.
Prairie dogs are poisoned by cattle ranchers also.

Many animals are imprisoned at zoos where they are gawked at by humans all day.

Beavers are trapped and skinned.
Minks, ferrets and weasels are kept in tiny cages.
Their necks are snapped and they are skinned and used for fur.

Pigs are routinely put in gas chambers.
Their cries cannot be put into words.
And their screams go unheeded.

Upon arrival at the slaughterhouse animals can sense danger.
They try to get away.
But are electrocuted, stabbed and beaten.
And bolted in the head.

They are still conscious
When they are hung upside down.

They get their throats slit.
And they slowly bleed to death.
Yet try to escape until their last breath.