The comedian George Carlin said his first rule was
To never trust anything the American Government tells him.

Fake news by our fake government is faking everyone out.
This time the fear porn is at a all time high.
Spreading trauma based mind control.

It is a big hoax ladies and gentlemen.
The virus doesn’t exist.
Viruses are a phony creation of our phony medical system.

It is psychological warfare on steroids.
When a person reacts from fear based trauma
They cease to question and all their critical thinking goes out the window.

Same thing happened during 911.
People thought terrorists overpowered everyone with dinner utensils.
And that they were able to fly 747’s right through buildings.

Shows you that the few people who run the world
Who control the money
Can do anything they want.

Corona means Crown
Viral means attack
Attack of the Crown or ruling elite.

People are more than willing to lie if it benefits them personally.
That happens at all levels of the economic strata.

The lockdown will come and no will be able to leave their homes.
Except to go to the store.
The purpose of the quarantine is for weaponry installation and upgrade.

This will occur in or near all public places such as:

cruise ships

The Orwellian future is now.
Lights, cameras and other electrical apparatuses will have millimeter and microwave weaponized frequencies.
6 ghz for iodine
60 ghz for oxygen.

60 ghz is jokingly called the V wave for non compliant individuals.
Because it will cause people to look like they have symptoms of the virus.

But what is happening is the interference of the oxygen to combine with hemoglobin.
Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood
When oxygen gets deprived people will suffocate and die.

The brain is the most sensitive to the lack of oxygen
Headaches and unclear thinking will be the first signs.
People will be easily fatigued

Iodine is needed for orbital resonance of electrons around cells
Otherwise known as ions.
Electrons bind oxygen to hemoglobin in the blood.

We have magnetite antennas in the brain
Which are receptors to magnetic fields.
6 ghz will cause electrons and ions to be rearranged
And to spin faster
Which depletes oxygen.

What are referred to as viruses are just pieces of RNA, DNA and proteins.
Which are the result of a poisoned cell.
It is the excretion of toxins from a toxic cell.
They do not cause anything.
They are not contagious.

The so-called seasonal flu virus is just the result of the body not attaining enough sun for the conversion of Vitamin D.

The Chinese have all been vaccinated.
People here will mindlessly do the same.
And make themselves vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation.

They will drink the Kool-Aid

When the lockdown or quarantine period is over.
It will be said everything is OK.
Life will return to normal.

People will go back to church
Or to the arena and watch their favorite sport teams.
They will again return to their favorite restaurant or bar.

But slowly people will start to act differently
Because of repeated exposure to these newly installed electromagnetic fields.
The rearrangement of electrons in the brain will cause mental instability.

It will not be out of the ordinary to see a person suddenly drop dead.
But will be a gradual culling of the population.

Sometimes though it will be decided to hit whole areas at once
And it will be blamed on an outbreak.

A series of events are planned
To keep everyone in a state of hysteria
And panic

People are expendable
They are only needed by the elite
For sex slaves
Body parts
And manual labor.

But stay positive
Thoughts are powerful!