Predictive programming is when people’s minds are influenced in advance to accept an upcoming event.
Make them receptive to a message before it happens.
It is a conditioning and preparation ahead of time to gain consent.
And the acceptance of a scenario that will be portrayed.
Predictive programming manipulates the subconscious by inserting messages.
911 is a perfect example.
The words New York City and the numbers 9-11 were often pictured before 2001.
The twin towers were shown to fall in many movies, TV shows and cartoons from being hit by an airplane.
Even though it is impossible for an airplane which is basically aluminum to fly through concrete and steel then vaporize inside the building and cause it to fall.
But the story was immediately accepted because of predictive programming.
There is also another time and place that is being pushed subliminally in the media.
And that is 11-3 and Seattle.
According to the secret numerology the 3 is supposed to be mirrored so 11-3 becomes 11-8-11.
8-11 is the 223rd day of the year.
The first 2 is written as 11 so it becomes 11-23 or November 23.
Also if you add 118 and 118 it equals 236.
The 6 can be turned upside-down so it becomes 239 or 923.
November means 9 in Latin so it becomes 11-23.
But 11-3 and 11-23 have come and gone.
So it is either being delayed from it’s planned start.
Or they have purposely made you think it was at an earlier date.
And everything is going according to plan but there is a lot of misdirection and deception.
One thing for sure is dates, numbers and symbolism are very important to the controllers.
And resets are not anything new.
And unless you are a high ranking Freemason you aren’t supposed to know the exact stratagem.
But on 11-3 the Space Needle in Ankara, Turkey was burned and destroyed.
So 11-3 was an important date.

Movies that have Seattle as a place of cataclysm and destruction are numerous.
Some examples are:
War Games
Red Dawn
Black Sunday
Sleepless in Seattle
How it Ends
The music industry is also filled with hidden references to Seattle and a nuclear attack on 3-11.
Some of the most notable bands are:
Led Zeppelin
Lil Mosey
World Order
U2 and their song Sunday Bloody Sunday
Guns and Roses and their son November Rain
Pearl Jam
There is even a band called 3-11.
TV shows such as:
Seattle is Dying
Seattle Firefighters
And video games such as:
Red Alert 2
World in Conflict
The most acknowledged media outlet that ‘predicts’ the future is the Simpsons.
But it is not a prediction or a lucky guess.
The shows creator Matt Groening is a 33rd degree Free Mason.
Mr. Burns represents Jacob Rothschild the richest person in the world.
Jacob Rothschild is the head of the Free Masons who are behind world events.
He also owns the Economist Magazine.
On the cover of the 2015 issue are many world leaders
But also many symbolic images.
A mushroom cloud, a helicopter, a rocket, a turtle, a hurricane, a blimp, a football and a baseball.
In Seattle the Century Link Football Field is located right next to the Baseball Stadium – Safeco Field.
It is the shape of a giant turtle with it’s head tucked inside.
Turtles will hide in their shell during danger.
The movie Black Sunday is about an attack during a football game in Seattle.
It has a blimp crashing into the stadium after shooting off a police helicopter.
The Seattle Seahawks play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 3 in Seattle.
On the Seahawk fan page there are three players with the numbers 11, 3 and 19.
Paul Allen the owner who allegedly died in 2018 was commemorated last year on 11-3 by lighting up Microsoft offices around the world in blue.
The Seattle Women’s basketball team is the Seattle Storm.
There are many references in movies about a big storm coming.
The latest weather forecast for November 3 in Seattle eerily says:
Brace Yourself Seattle the Big Dark is Coming.
The men’s basketball team was the Seattle Supersonics.
The movie Sonic the Hedgehog has 11-3 references.
The military has a new helicopter called The Seahawk.
Also on the cover of the Economist Magazine are two dates on arrows with the numbers 11-3 and 11-5.
In the movie War Games which takes place in Seattle two cities Seattle and Las Vegas are primary targets.
Also in the movie the area codes for other targets all are 113.
The Goodyear Blimp has a new zeppelin called November 3 Alpha.
It will be at the Charger and Packers game in Los Angeles on 11-3.
In Seattle there is KCTS Channel 9.
If you count the letters in their position in the alphabet as numbers it comes out to 11, 3 2019.
A famous and oft frequented tourist location in Seattle is Pikes Place Market.
It is at the end of Pike Street overlooking Elliot Bay and has 10 million visitors annually.
On it’s Wikipedia page the clock shows the small hand on 3 and the big hand on 11.
Maybe the most well known Free Mason is Albert Pike who ‘predicted’ three world wars.
Corporations headquartered in Seattle are:
The burning of the Amazon Rainforest earlier this year was a code to inform that the plan is still on.
As was the most improbable accidental burning of the stone tower and spire collapse of the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Notre Dame in Latin means Our Lady.
Substitute G for D and you get Our Game.
Which is a code word for it is on.
A Simpsons episode has a guy with Notre Dame on the back of his jacket.
But the D is undecipherable.
The Space Needle in Seattle is depicted falling during an attack is a common theme.
Such as in the movies:
Red Dawn
How it Ends
The Space Needle underwent extensive ‘renovation’ in 2017 just like the Twin Towers in New York did before they fell from controlled demolition.
The same company Turner Construction did both.
Turner Construction was ‘working’ on the Twin Towers right up to the very morning before they fell.
The Space Needle is now probably jammed with thermite.
Besides 11-3, 44-3 is also used as a hidden code.
44 represents death.
The 3rd of November is in the 44th week of the year in 2019.
The last section which is on the north side of Century Link Stadium is 443.
Also 2019 is the year that November 3 falls on a Sunday.
18 years after 911 in 2001 is 2019. 18 = 6+6+6. 666
There is even online merchandise you can buy with the words Saturn Seattle 3-11-2019.
Saturn is the ancient supreme god.
The word Israel can be interpreted different ways.
The words Ra and El are both names for Saturn.
Another secret symbol is the word coupon.
It means the coup is on.
A Simpsons episode has Bart holding up a newspaper with 911 written on it.
The twin towers designate the 11 and there is the word coupon underneath.
The rock band World Order released their latest hit on 3-11-2018 called Let’s Start WW3.
The video for the song has them travel to Seattle.
Six times in the video they travel along a yellow path.
It is representative of the yellow brick road to the Emerald City.
Seattle is called The Emerald City.
The yellow brick road is representative of gold.
In the made-up Old Testament Solomon received yearly 666 talents of gold. 1 Kings 10:14
Lord Rothschild is the man behind the curtain.
The Wizard of Oz premiered on television 11-3-56.
World Order also previously did a video dancing in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
The One World Trade Center in New York City opened on 11-3-14.
Russian President Putin has bragged that their submarines could take out America’s West Coast power grid in a second with their nuclear submarines.
And that their Poseidon Missiles will produce a 300 ft. tidal wave.
Their nuclear submarines have been in the news frequently especially the fake instance of the death of the 14 sailors.
So once again our minds are being prepared for a ‘nuclear’ event in Seattle.
Nukes/Atomic bombs are basically fire bombs of hydrogen and oxygen.
The Atomic Museum is in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas has their own version of the Space Needle – The Stratosphere.
There are also many references of atomic bombs with Seattle.
Green symbolizes the Emerald City
A green football symbolizes the Seattle Seahawks.
In a Simpsons episode a green football and the Atomic Stadium represents a nuclear event during a football game in Seattle.
The Legion of Boom is what the Seattle Seahawks defense is nicknamed.
The word Boom appears in movies many times and frequently with Seattle.
Boom means a bomb going off.
Fox News has repeatedly talked about how a big event will kill a million or more in the Seattle, Tacoma area even down to Olympia, Portland, Salem and Eugene.
Are the recent blackouts in California hints that California will be affected also?
The 2012 version of the movie Red Dawn has a snowglobe of the Seattle skyline shaking while North Korean troops invade Spokane Washington.
The World in Conflict video game is entitled:
You have to get out of Seattle.
The Century Link Stadium in Seattle has a huge art piece on one end.
The same construction company Turner Construction who ‘refurbished’ the World Trade Center Towers and the Space Needle built Century Link Stadium.
On the top is a sun disc with 36 rays.
36 is code for 3 sixes. 666
Below that there is another art work of people being flung into the air.
There is also artwork of 3 circles with the last one having an 11 on it.
Also interestingly is the opponent for Seattle on November 3 is Tampa Bay.
Their logo is the Skull and Crossbones.
Except the crossbones are swords.
Skull and Bones is a secret society whose number is 322.
The section 322 in the south end of Seahawk Century Link Stadium is missing.
Another number that is always shown is 923.
That is just backwards for 11-3-19 because 2 can be written as two ones or 11.
Or 9+2=11.
The atomic number for plutonium is 923.
There is also a 13 story pyramid on the north end.
13 is a number representing Masons.
Phoenix Jones – the guy who dressed up as a superhero and walked around downtown Seattle portraying himself as a crime fighter retired on 3-11-19.
His reason was because a crimefighter has to be able to run 2 and a half miles outside of the city.
Northwest Magazine had on it’s cover 1+1=3.
The false missile alert in Hawaii was on 1-13-19.
The Fukishima tsunami was on 3-11-11.
The Children’s movie Chicken Little came out on 11-3-05.
It is subtitled The End is Near.
In another Simpsons episode Bart is sitting on a green turtle.
The green turtle is code for The event in Seattle is on.
Is it time to go to your bunkers?
Well maybe not quite yet.