All souls are composed of energy
And connected to the energy field

We can raise the collective vibration
And connect ourselves to higher forms of life
Which have higher consciousness and universal knowledge

We raise the vibration by inputting positive energy
Which are the result of positive virtues and actions
That not only uplift yourself
But creates well being and happiness in others
Which promotes positive vibrations in them

The purpose of our soul is to flourish in contentment
Developing deeper connections with others

The key to unlocking the door of spiritual self empowerment
Is to live in truth and fulfill our souls purpose
Which is to have regard for all sentient beings

Our heart and brain produce harmonic waves stemming from our thoughts

When we are in resonance with the Laws of Nature
Which are instruction sets in the Morphogenetic Fields
We unify ourselves with the multidimensional electromagnetic vibrational fields
That compose our universe

Our relationship to the universe depends on our thoughts
And our ability to sense the feelings of others and empathize with them
Having integrity
Being sincere and honest
Caring about all life
Human animals insects trees and plants

A heart based internal resonance
Not wishing to control or manipulate others

Imagine a world where all species are treated with dignity and respect
Where all beings are valued
Where love gives life great meaning

Higher frequencies activate our DNA instructions sets
This catalyzes transmutation of thought and changes the direction of consciousness

Higher DNA activation enables the accretion of electromagnetic light codes
Enabling us to absorb octaves of the next dimension

As we embrace each harmonic tone
Our energy blocks are cleared
And we have a higher spiritual identity

We become more telepathic
Develop higher sensory abilities
And increase our awareness of and interaction with higher beings

Each dimension is filled with liquid plasma light
And there are 12 subharmonic tones in each spectrum layer

These fields unite us hydroplasmic light beyond time and space

As we are guided to be on missions of spiritual service to others
We perceive the holographic architecture and stargates
Of our universe and beyond!