5G towers will get their signal from iridium satellites
Arranged in constellation patterns
In low orbit

These Elon Musk credited space built platforms
Will be introduced in 2021

Lockstep with the Pandemic
Which will crush the worlds economies

5G has shorter millimeter waves
But when the 5G towers are activated
The power output will be so high
That walls will be transparent

This will initiate a DNA change
As the HIV retrovirus
Will have access to the nucleus
Through pores created by 5G

The pain that will have to be endured
By people who took the vaccine
Will be motivation for suicide attempts

Our phony medical system
And phony religious establishments
Along with government authorities
Will delude many
Preaching a false narrative
Of a safe vaccine

It is too hard for the vast majority of people
The mask wearers
To conceive that our valued institutions
Are lying