Our world has a set frequency range
We operate in three dimensions of visible light
There are realms that exist beyond our range

Our thoughts generate emotion which creates energy
And the nature of our thought as expressed through emotion
Dictates the emotional resonance of that energy

Our energy bleeds into less dense realities
The reptilian state of being is a low vibration

They use us as low energy producers for subsistence
To stay in this realm they need a lower vibration

Drinking human blood helps them to stay here longer
But not indefinitely

They also eat brain parts
They prefer children because they aren’t full of poisons

The Winged Dracos are the ruling reptilians
They are full blooded reptilians
And the Pindar is the Pinnacle of the Draco

They consume negative energy for food
Such as fear jealousy and anger

The world’s 13 ruling families have the most reptilian blood
And the upper class right below them are also reptilian human hybrids
You can spot them by their piercing eyes and lack of emotion
They are also very smart

They maintain tyrannical control over the population
Poisoning our food water and air supply
Making us easier to control

Elections are based on the highest percentage of reptilian genes

Full blooded reptilians send vibrations which alter the human mind
While most hybrids aren’t even aware they are reptilian

We don’t use our brains to full capacity
Because our DNA has been altered
Limiting our consciousness to 3D

We were the Atlanteans
The Lemurians
And the Tartarians
With an advanced world wide civilization

Now by the drawing of arbitrary country lines
We are in a confined prison system
That we aren’t even aware of

We are genetically altered receivers of information
Which influences our perception of reality
But our influence on their reality is also very powerful

Reality exists in our minds
Because that’s where photons encoded with information penetrate our DNA
And stimulate the visual center of the brain

Our vibrational realm is alien to reptilians
They need to periodically return to their density
To replenish and reharmonize themselves

Our human bodies are their spacesuits

Their harmonic resonance is starting to thin
And our ability to manifest our desires is becoming easier

Reptilians fear that humans will once again expand their state of awareness
Beyond mind and into Consciousness