Since off world species require energy
To extend their life span in our realm

They have developed machinery for the technological extraction
Of our life force energy
While cultivating a consciousness prison to maintain it

The electronic harassment of ELF extremely low frequency signals
Can control a persons neurological system
And confuse their brain signals

Windmills produce ELF wave patterns

An electronic insert called the Zeta Seal
Prevents activation of the 4th DNA strand
Which accesses higher intelligent Mentor fields

It does so through electrical impulses that blocks the interface of the nadial structure
That instructs the nervous system
And which connects with the circuitry of the heart and kidneys
Which is intrinsic to the messaging of the soul consciousness

Mind Slides impose electrical impulses in the solar plexus
Evoking emotions to reject information of unapproved topics
That challenge ones 3D belief system and expose their enslavement

The resistance takes the form of denial and verbal attacks
And a compulsion to get away from the messenger

People who leave their TV on all day or especially at night when asleep
Or those who continually have head phones or ear phones on
Are more susceptible to these unconscious implants

Alien abductees are inserted with holographic mind slides
That keeps the mind from knowing what the person is experiencing

Splitter technology passes scripted codes
Embedded in the media or in written words such as religious texts
That affects highly mentalized intellectual people

Their dominating negative egos and judgmental perceptions are resonated
So that very little or no heart opening occurs

Blank Slating technology is a military term referring to mind wiping military personnel
After some black operation project is completed

Consciousness Wiping is also done by inserting ELF waves into ley lines

Sleepers are those who involuntarily obey commands
By being triggered with key words or phrases

Their parietal lobe current is blocked
Preventing direct cognitive awareness
Trapping their consciousness into small cell blocks of artificial reality

Like the Manchurian Candidate
And the person who recently drove through a marching band in Australia

This hypnotic sleep state of diminished reality
Is also being imposed collectively onto the masses

Our mental and emotional states are determined by frequencies and neurological functioning
We can train our neural pathways to receive messages from our higher consciousness

When we align to the positive presence of truth
We evolve into the highest expression of our personal potential!