The green lasers seen over Hawaii is matrix coding
They are scalar waves which carry information

Similarly the hexagon at Saturns north pole is a Mega Hex
The rings of Saturn are an intense electrical system
That crackle and pop with electrical discharges and the flashes of lightning

The rings produce radio waves which are inaudible to the human ear
Containing definite patterns that compose intentional communication

The hydrogen and helium present on Saturn is used for space travel
They are the gases of a cosmic filling station

Saturn and Jupiter was once a double star system
They are nodes in the universal mind

Just as we have cells in our intellectual brain organ
That transmit vibration into images

They were meant to be portals
Projecting light from a much larger reality

Saturn was our heavenly father
The god of blessed light
Where goodness flows

Now Saturn is Satan
And siphons off our negative soul energy

Iapetus is a moon of Saturn and the death star in Star Wars
Iapetus and Mimas are both artificial moons that send out energy codes to Saturn
Which program the display of our reality

As the impulse from the Divine begins to rise up from the earth
It will bring humanity into a new consciousness
Moving us into the Satya Yoga or age of truth!