The Director General of the United Nations
Has issued another public health emergency
Of international concern

In other words
Its time to panic for another fake pandemic

This time the hoax is monkeypox
It is a man made virus
Similar to chickenpox smallpox shingles and herpes simplex 1 and 2

It is being touted as a sexually transmitted disease
But it is not

They say if you are going to have sex
Then you should wear clothes

The only way to get this new virus straight out of the lab
Is to get it injected

Viruses cannot live outside of the body

They are also touting it as asymptomatic
Meaning no symptoms

The reason is because they want you to take the fake diagnostic test
The PCR test for monkeypox that does not diagnose anything
Is called Precise Diagnostics

It will of course show a false positive
So that you run to the doctor and get an injection

Along with monkeypox you will receive a recipe for genetic change
While they assure you the jab is safe and effective

California has reinstated the mask mandate
And restaurants are starting to require being tested

Gays will soon be blamed for the spread of monkeypox

As with all viruses
If you keep your immune system at peak level
You will have nothing to worry about

Except for maybe deceived fearful people
Who think everyone should wear a mask

The openings in masks are over 3 microns
A virus cell is less than a micron

So even if there were invisible viruses swarming all over
A mask would not do any good

Masks limit oxygen and thus impair the immune system
They also are dehumanizing

Masks are worn by the Illuminati during rituals
And they stand 6 feet apart!