In the early 1900s Southern California
Was in a severe drought

In 1905 Los Angeles hired Charles Mallory Hatfield to make it rain
He would be payed $1000.00 on the condition
That he produce 18 inches of rain

He devised what he called a moisture accelerator
Which had a mixture of 23 chemicals

He went into the mountains surrounding Los Angeles 19 times
And made it rain every time

Hatfield was payed his due

San Diego thought they would utilize Hatfield also and hired him
This time though the outcome was a destructive downpour
Which caused a flash flood that swept through San Diego
Resulting in over a million dollars of damage

Hatfield was not payed

China has an enormous weather modification system
They made an abundance of snow for their Winter Olympics

The United Arab Emigrates routinely makes rainstorms
To counter their extreme desert conditions

Dubai does the same by shocking the clouds

The United States has openly admitted they have weather modification abilities

So why is the government letting Lake Powell and Lake Mead dry up

Because an upcoming round up is planned
Where the human cattle will be forced to move!