Spokane Washington was only inhabited by a few people in the 1870’s
But pictures of downtown Spokane in the 1880’s
Show it remarkably well built up

One example is the Pantages Theatre
It had white veined marble in the lobby
And gold plated cast bronze lighting fixtures

The wall were paneled walnut
With ivory tints

There was a Morton Organ
And a hidden orchestra pit

The Pantages Theatre
Was an exact replica
Of the Maxine Elliot Theatre
In New York City

Another example is the Masonic Temple
It is a trapezoidal curved building
With 20 huge pillars
And more than 200 balusters
Which are small ornamental pillars

It has a grand ballroom with a floating floor
An amazing and elegant 550 seat auditorium
With balcony and horseshoe shaped seating

It contains stenciled walls
And a black and white checkered floor

Clearly another example of technology
Not fitting the Wild West time period!