There are different vaccines with different payloads of foreign DNA
These different batches of genes will produce various chimeras
Which will split humanity

This has happened before but the chimeras were unable to reproduce

We are in for another round of chimeras

Snake DNA has been put in the vaccines

The fiery darts of the enemy in the Book of Ephesians
Was actual EMF technology

Armour and shields were for protection against this radiation

During the last reset reptilian genes were inserted into our lower spine
Which has obstructed the kundalini energy flow
And is why some fetuses now show a tail

This experimental mutation was performed underground primarily in Australia
Native inhabitants were then genocided to make room for these white people replacements

Now a new DNA experiment is being thrust upon an unsuspecting population

Everywhere in the world ruins of ancient advanced architecture is apparent
Which have the same exact styles
It was a universal civilization

The history told to us is a big lie

The double helix of the human DNA
Is of the same pattern that intertwined the cosmic pillar or axis mundi
Which was also the serpent encircling the Tree in the Garden of Eden

Each rung on this Ladder or Stairway to Heaven
Corresponds to the arrangement of our DNA strands

As each of our DNA that is plugged in horizontally
The higher the dimension that can be reached

So as in the former era the higher steps on the cosmic plasma stream
The closer you were to the Divine Source which was the god Saturn
Who designed the Cosmic Cube or Golden City in which there are many mansions

At the appearance of Mars the very top steps were elongated and resembled books
This is the basis of the Great Lawgiver or Judge

The rungs on the cosmic ladder are also the steps to enlightenment of the Illuminati

Having multi dimensional consciousness is the universal plan

If all your DNA are plugged in
Access to the higher energy templates is possible

As you become more human
As your heart brain complex is expressed
The higher you will evolve

As you connect with higher energy the more you can manifest

What you put your focus on is what comes to you

AI wants us to lose our heart base so we will not ascend

We are the lawgivers
We have our own temples to interact with the Source
Step into your power
Become a frequency match with higher frequencies

The use of tuning forks is an ancient therapy of sound healing
And a great way to help attune yourself!