Organic robotoids are alive but artificial
They look and act exactly like a human

They eat drink bleed and think
And can be killed

Their brain is programmed
And they think like a computer
In complex patterns

They possess enormous memory
They do not grow or reproduce

They have a limited lifespan
And degenerate physically and mentally

These robotoids live among us
And many are at significant government positions

Robotoids and androids can be seen at important events

The person situated behind the speaker to their left
That is noticeably blinking
Is an android sending thoughts

Or in other words transmitting data
Like a blinking light on a computer

The robotoid speaker such as Trump
Is embedded with a microchip to receive the data

The person situated behind the speaker to their right
Is an android monitoring energy

Every person has an energy signature
Or electromagnetic signal that is sent out

You can also spot these androids by their catatonic demeanor
Such as Pence

Robotoids have more personality
And can think and act independently

Jim Jones is code for a dangerous robotoid
Because he was a rogue robotoid!