Using a ultra sonic cerebral hologram
With high frequency sound waves

A complete three dimensional picture
Can be made of a brain
Duplicating the entire memory

It is painless
And can be done without the person
Even being aware of it

Electromagnetic frequencies
From computers or cell phones
Can map the entire nervous system

Vocal instructions can be piggybacked
On television or radio signals

A steady tone at approximately 15,000 hertz
Can be embedded with hypnotic commands
That the brain can hear and understand
But the ear only hears a buzz

There are sentient programs called gatekeepers
Who are hardwired to this system
That move in and out of this simulation

Gatekeepers are also in secret societies
Who out themselves with their secret hand gestures

The higher eschalon are gatekeepers too
They have sold themselves out
By helping Alpha Draconians
Which is a sect of Reptilians

Alpha Draconians live underground in tunnels
They have been here a long time
And are carnivorous

The higher eschalon have been abducting children
For hundreds of years
And giving them to these predators

At first it was an exchange for precious stones and jewels
But now it is only for momentary glory

The elite also work with grey aliens
Who harvest human energy
And recreate an earth simulation
In another dimension

Most of the elite now
Have had their bodies taken over

Many reptilians are now in clones
It is called Glamour Witchcraft

They are addicted to adrenochrome
Which is taken from the adrenal gland of tortured children

Bernie Mac tried to start a mutiny
He tried to shut the system down
But got tortured for it

It is no coincidence that abducted children
Were shown on milk cartons

Humans kill baby cows
To consume them
And drink the milk intended for them
Which is stolen from their mothers

Similar to what reptilians do to us
Except they drink blood