Roaming around the University I attended in the Pacific Northwest
There is a Giant Sequoia
At least 700-800 years old
But they say it was planted in the early 1900’s

The Administration building is like a huge medieval castle
With colossal foundation stones supporting the brick work

And marble floors amid vaulted ceilings

It has 4 high towers with 8 sides
Maybe 150 feet tall
And 4 towers in between them with cupola roofs

The Gymnasium has a huge tower also
With intricate inlaid cement carvings and detailed statues

There are many other old brick buildings
All said to be built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s

But these dates are as fallacious as the Giant Sequoia

These buildings are the product of an earlier civilization
Which also produced lighthouses bridges railroads
Dams canals sternwheelers lumber mills mining operations etc.

Whose citizens were wiped out by ultra sound technology
Which also instituted a cataclysmic climate change
That forced species to prey upon one another for survival

The Reformation banned all historical books
Authors who got one book burned
Typically got all of their books burned
And usually wound up in the fire also

At the same time the Gregorian Calendar was introduced
That set up a new historical timeline

The Inquisition made sure it was followed

Speaking the truth raises your vibration

Lying actually affects your health in a bad way

And the energy of your intent
Shapes your reality!