In the movie the 5th Wave
People contracted a Hydra Vulgaris
A small version of what is seen in the movie Aliens

The humans who have it get gradually taken over
It causes them to think that the normal humans are the aliens
So as in real life aliens use humans to kill other humans

This Fall the U.S. will become what Australia is now
Where only the vaxxed have rights

And where they have a Freedom Day
Where the vaxxed can congregate with other vaxxed people
But what good is the vax if it does not prevent you from getting the virus

People are trusting professional liars
They come in many forms
When one lies they lose their spirituality

Unlike what everyone likes to believe
Ordinary people do not come into power positions through hard work
But are given them through Freemasonry

Low level Freemasons get coaching jobs in professional and college sports
And they get to be the local mayor and police chief and head of the fire department

They get to be the head of the local utility company
Who is more than willing to crank up the 5G microwaves on the unsuspecting public

High level Freemasons are the Governers and Senators
And of course all the Presidents

They are the billionaires who control events behind the scenes

Their forefathers are the ones who cooperated with the reptilian takeover
They helped prepare the vacant cities for the new arrivals after the last reset

And this is their earthly reward!