In the movie Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth
Indy and the Nazis race to find an underground civilization

In the 1930s and 40s
The 33rd degree freemason Adolph Hitler was obsessed with finding advanced subterranean cities

The Nazis did extensive exploration campaigns in Tibet and Antarctica
Under Antarctica are water filled tunnels that are capable of having submarines pass through them
Which is how they found the underground city of Thule

He named the area New Schwabenland
And he did his best to establish congenial relations with the inhabitants

The Mammoth Caves in Kentucky is the largest cave system in the world
And has connections to the inner earth

The island of Stromboli in the Mediterranean Sea
Was a main portal to the hollow earth
Which is why it was intentionally blasted with high frequency weaponry

Pyramids were built on energy nodes
Under them passageways were tunneled to natural caverns
And used as gateways to the inner worlds

Underwater vortexes will nosedive ships down to the hollows of the earth
The most famous vortex is in the Bermuda Triangle

Other major access points are in the Andes Himalayas the Gobi Desert Turkey and the Sphinx of Giza
Admiral Byrd claims to have entered the inner earth through the opening at the North Pole

The land from whence the north wind blows is Agartha
It is the source of the Aurora Borealis
The gateway to earths interior
And the place with an elusive opening between the surface world and the world within a world

As you near it you hear a continuous roar
There is a great geyser with a furious wind and intermittent heavy explosions

Amid the vertical procession are dense clouds with vivid flashes of lightning
Your bodily hair receives the electrostatic transmissions and stands up becoming bristle like

The Fountains of the Deep will arise at the appointed time
And will be met with an opposing charge coming down from above

The Holy Spirit will descend like a dove
And everything will be renewed!