You are on a spiritual based exploration
Into the expansion of all you really are

You are a physical manifestation of you
You are vibrational and your emotions hold the key
To the alignment between them

You are the creator of you
Your path is to know what you want
And to send off rockets of desire

Live in the present moment
And create a positive day
So that the law of attraction can respond

Hold a consistent vibrational state
That allows the cooperative universe to yield to you
The path with all the details of the manifestations you want

When you are in alignment with who you are
You broadcast a signal that attracts Source energy

It is your path to find the best thoughts and feelings
To tap into that fulness
And become the best loving appreciating flowing being possible

You are consciousness which has a glorious opportunity
Of focusing through this time space reality
In the personality you know as you

You can decide if you are going to enjoy more of your path
Rendezvous with what you want
Be in love with life

Watch the cooperative universe be at your beckoning call
Yield to the incremental details of what satisfies and delights you

Know your value
Know your capability
That is where the feeling of worthiness comes from

Know that you are on your path
Know that you are at the right place at the right time

Know that you are eternally expanding
And revel in the newness of what you discover!