Besides ley lines
Entities also travel from cell phone tower to cell phone tower
And then to cell phones

They use cell phones to gain access to humans
Making people their toy and their slave

Most of the time we obey them
Being duped into self destructive behavior
Without a clue as to what is going on

When we drink and smoke
When we are angry and depressed
When we increase the negativity

It makes it easier for them to possess us

Cell phones are a technology
That entities use as a conduit
To advance their control over us

Android and Apple I-phones
Have the logo of an alien demon
Emerging from a black mirror

The black mirror is your cell phone

Makers of cell phones are called developers
Developers are devil – lopers

Interlopers are ones that run amongst others
Interfering and intruding

Demonic entities can manifest on pictures
Taken from your cell phone

A portal device is a devil vice

Installed data is Serial Ata or Sata meaning Satan

The I Phone means a me phone
The me sentiment of total self centeredness

The I Phone also means the eye phone
And Siri who answers all your questions is Iris in reverse
Because it sees you and tracks all that you do

Cell phone is a euphemism for a jail cell

The bone marrow of tortured animals
Is boiled down into a gelatin substance
That makes up the plasma screen

This attracts demonic entities

Cell phones are designed to take your soul
Or at least alter us for their purpose!