Different fractal momentums of the same frequency creates a timeline
We coexist with parallel realities in different timelines
Thoughts project realities

Another version of you exists in other timelines
And we simultaneously exist with our higher self

Frequency vibration codes of proper resonances
Will imprint into your hologram a positive outcome

Each hologram is a specific resonance with a different code
Just like a dream is a different resonating holographic reality

Frequencies of lower sound vibrations and numbers are put in the mainstream social media
To make people resonate on a negative timeline
Causing them to become puppets stuck in the 3D reality

Each holographic imprint has its own virtual reality game
The way to shift realities is by consciously changing your frequency vibration

You control your reality and define who you are

Your heart holds the vibration of timelines
When you hold the power of the heart it heals the body
And enables you to connect with higher frequencies

Shifting to 5D is a slow process
It involves the spin rate and angle of spin of your molecular structure
You have to be able to hold higher resonances

Each dimension resonates at different frequencies
You have to project it to see it

The negative structure cannot reach higher levels
Because the higher levels are heart based symphonies

Wave genetics regenerate your soul
By the accumulation of positive heart based frequencies
Which also prevent your body from decaying

All realities interlink
Find fun and joy in whatever you do
And you will reprint another version of yourself
As well as other versions of others

You are powerful because of the frequencies that you can vibrate
That lead to the manifestation of whatever you wish

You choose to come here
So play the game
And create it in the positive!