Consciousness is vibrating faster
The energetic plasma in the vortex
Is moving us to the next level

Be proactive in shifting your reality
Manifestation will happen quicker and quicker

The negative field is bombarding us with negative
In order to try to sustain itself

Positive timelines will only be accessible if you stay in the heart
A negative ego mind will not have the correct sequenced vibration
And will be trapped in the AI matrix

Be informed of the negative but then go into the positive
Do not consent to their manipulation

When you hold strong your heart it gives you more power
Synchronicity will then occur to cause you to move forward

We are all under the Vibration of Consciousness
The new vibrating sound waves converts your timeline to a positive outcome

The correction of the energetic field is in perpetual motion
As waves of life giving plasma descend down the Tesla Coil in the center of our universe

The Source is Consciousness
It is overtaking negative resonance
And raining frequencies on the whole structure

AI is mimicking the Source
It seeks to sustain itself by synthetics
And is giving one final push toward cyborg transhumanism

By connecting us to The Cloud
And overtaking our brain sequences with sound waves
It seeks to reprint us in the Metaverse

Timeline realities have different densities
When your self expression is positive
You download photons of higher resonance

Unlock your DNA
And become the light of the world!