The Anunnaki were the sons of Anu or An who was Saturn
They were rebel gods originally 7 in number
Known as the 7 brothers

When Nergal who was Mars was with them
He was the 8th brother

These 7 brothers were the same as the Sibitti or The Septad
Both of whom mean The 7

In the Enuma Elish
Ninurta is the leader of the 7 Igigi

The Persian Ahura Mazda is attended by the 7 Igigi

In the Avesta the 7 are known as the Amesa Spentas

The Anunnaki erected the Lords House
Which was the cosmic temple of Saturn
Also known as the Megatron or the Merkabah

It was the Cube or Tabernacle
That Moses who was Mars commanded the Israelites to build in the Desert of Sin
From the laws of Yahweh who was Saturn

Venus was the Queen of the 7
She was Nanshe the daughter of Enki
And she was the one who drew the plans for the temple

She was the goddess Ishtar who had 7 lions harnessed by Nabonidus
She was the Great Lady beloved of Ra
And was escorted by 7 scorpions

The 7 walls of the celestial city which was the 7 encirclements or rings of Saturn
Also called the 7 seas
Were built by the 7 sages

The Holy Land was where the Universal Sovereign dwelt
It was the city of Saturn
Saturn was earths former sun in the previous age
But continues to have a subconscious religious hold in our thoughts

The 7 brothers of the Anunnaki were the same as the 7 lions 7 scorpions and 7 sages
They were celestial orbs gathered in the northern realm
That during certain alignments produced light plasma discharges connecting each other
Creating a holy house or temple cube city Merkabah or Megatron

Saturn was in the center or the Holy of Holies

The Eternal Flame burned brightly then in our DNA
And now the creation codes need activating

When they are activated each thought and feeling
All which have a specific code in the quantum field
Will allow synchronicity manifestation and instant karma
If it has consent from the higher self

This is the frequency of the heart
And the music of the spheres
That reaches into the energetic structure of the quantum field

Arising from your Holy of Holies
That is contained in your temple body!