Amongst the terrain of crisis
Are the verdant fields of restoration
Where the soul weaves itself anew

Amidst the throes of personal upheaval and disarray
Is a messenger heralding the arrival of transformation

In the wreckage of our former self
We discover the core of our spirit
And what it has been yearning to express

The nurturing back of a fragmented soul
From what seemed like the end
Is a prelude to the powerful

When we are forged in the fire of trials
The extraneous is stripped away
And the real you emerges that outshines the roles you play

Just like the caterpillar must surrender to the chrysalis
Before the emergence of the butterfly
You are reborn with a profound connection to all life

A doorway opens to a sacred chamber of self awareness
An invitation of a profounder walk with the self
And with all of existence is extended

Within the chasms of despair
Is the wellspring of wholeness and compassion
And a renaissance of purpose

On the other side of the tempest
Our truest self awaits us
Serene and radiant with the light of understanding

Bearing the insights that only a journey
Through a dark night can bestow!