We are near the busiest cosmic web in the universe
We have been colonized and don’t know it

Beings are manifesting in the earth plane
Some are neutral and do not lean positive or negative
Some are just here to learn
Some are archons and gremlins that fly throughout the Aether

The universe has an array of alliances
Some are benevolent
Some practice farming of other species

Humans are unique in that we are being farmed
And we practice farming of other species at the same time

The city of Paradise California was destroyed by direct energy weapons
It had a Centurion ET community

Certain neighborhoods and houses were incinerated
And trees in the front yard were left untinged

Marble and granite fixtures were melted

Multiple fires broke out at once in the middle of the night
There was no warning or stormfront

There are inner earth civilizations of Giants Sasquatch and Reptilians
The inner earth is a honeycomb with trans connecting water caverns

Underground high speed tram portals connect DUMBs or Deep Underground Military Bases
Where human and ET hybrids are made
And clones are created

As the Antarctic ice sheet melts
It is exposing ancient high technology civilizations

A faction of Nazis made an alliance with an inner earth civilization in Antarctica
That wiped out our forces during Operation High Jump

If AI pulses stopped
We would see the alien world living among us

If the elite cabal was arrested
And their alien counterparts restrained

And free energy once again roamed through the Universal Axis
And through the ley lines

Humans would regain their multi dimensional nature
And once again express the highest vibration of the universe
Which is compassion!