An entity seeking to possess someone
Will try to attach themselves
To the bottom of the spine
And work their way up for full possession

When a yogi wants to awaken your kundalini
Which is the latent energy at the bottom of your spine
While your mind reaches the beta or alpha wave state
It makes it easier for an entity to attach

Once they have established a connection to the nervous system
The entity will then try to awaken your pineal gland
Your pineal gland is a portal to non physical dimensions

Another way that makes it easier for an entity to possess someone
Is through drugs especially hard drugs

The Greek word Pharmakeia
Which is translated in the New Testament as sorcery
Meant drugs or more precisely possession through drugs

This is one of the reasons why they want society to be dependent
Upon the phony medical system
Which has turned doctors into drug dealers
Of dangerous pharmaceutical concoctions

Hard drugs cause a massive energetic shift of consciousness

Meth is in a league of its own
When one uses meth they open the door to demonic possession

Changes occur in the meth users brain
Because of the stress on blood vessels
Which affects their personality and intelligence
Making it hard for them to cope with daily life

They become easily aggressive and irritable

To support their $200.00 a day habit
They quickly resort to lying and stealing

Neuro transmitters in the brain hold the keys
Which unlock at the quantum level
Communication with non physical entities

When one uses meth they feel like superman for a day
But neural transmission is distorted
And the gates are swung open

Consciousness exits and astral entities enter

Meth users become psychotic
And obsessed with getting their next fix

Family and friends fall by the wayside

When users quit they become anxious and depressed
And have an inability to experience pleasure

It may take years to heal
Which propels former addicts back to using

Crystal meth is said to house entities
Demons are said to appear in the smoke

Demons are lecherous and feed off negative energy

The Beatles were a massive Psy Op
To promote meditation and drugs

Marijuana has always been healthy
But now it is being turned into a hard drug
That is why it is being legalized

Another way for possession to occur is through invitation
This is done all the time by those in the power structure
Who get temporarily rewarded for their alignment with evil forces

Building up inner strength
And creating a positive framework of thoughts
Is essential to fall back on
When under attack!