Splitter technology is used to control the public

It is a psycho spiritual warfare
Targeting individuals with assorted black magic
From within the astral plane
Which is being technologically controlled

It encodes a false ascension matrix
From the phantom areas

And scrambles the communication
Between the heart transmission
And the brain receiver

Thus most of humanity has been unable
To activate the higher heart complex
And connect to the 4th DNA strand

The chemical patterns in the DNA get distorted
Into Miasmatic Overlays
Which over time causes soul fragmentation

And gets genetically encoded in human DNA
Resulting in energetic blockages

Thus humans cannot activate their heart
And gain access to the 4th strand of DNA
And so are unable to activate their soul identity

Then they are unaware of why they incarnated on earth
And what their higher purpose is
And cannot connect to or listen to their higher self

Because their higher sensory perception abilities
Are not activated!