In the Star Trek episode Return To Tomorrow
The minds of beings were stored in spheres
In an underground vault

After conversing they convinced Captain Kirk
To allow them to take over the bodies
Of a few crew members
So that they can build androids for themselves to inhabit

But one decided he preferred the real thing
And a drama ensued

This drama is being played out now in real life
The creation of bodies suitable for other beings to make our world their home
But these other beings have decided the real thing is preferable

The IBM Q System One has just been developed
It can manipulate fundamental particles
Through what is called the D Wave

The D Wave can also be connected to the quantum particles of the DNA
Thus taking over the nervous system and brain
It can render human consciousness to very low energy states
Making exploitation and control of others a simple matter
It is a dangerous technology

It is the same idea with the new vaccinations
Filling them full of nanobots
Which alter the DNA
For the purpose of inhibiting self will

When our DNA is modified
Our thinking is modified
Making us ripe to become
Feudalistic slaves in a serf class

We will become genetically modified organisms

It is also now possible to download one’s memories
Into an artificial brain
Creating a holographic avatar
Just like in the aforementioned Star Trek episode

Our physical world is interlaced with other astral planes of lower density
Giving other entities access to our realm

Experiments have been going on for a long time
Consciousness can be stored and transferred
The average citizen has no idea what’s going on

Other beings are playing god with our bodies and our souls
They view us as disposable
Just as we do towards other life