The astral realm resonates at 432 hertz

As it increases its vibration
Both the earth and our physical bodies are also ascending

The frequency change will awaken humanity from its slumber
It will bring to the surface all that is hidden
And rebalance everything from its distortion

The false Satanic reality will be bombarded with truth
And is about to go into a death spiral

As the doings of the secret societies are found out
The world will turn against them very quickly
The Satanists will have to retreat or be revealed

They are in an unrelenting attempt to stay in power
By keeping humans unconscious and oblivious to the truth

Temper tantrums have been launched against us
They have installed technology that tracks you 24/7

But facades are falling
Hollywood stars powerful politicians and CEOs will be exposed as to who they really are
The human hierarchy correlates to the level of demonic entities who possess these human bodies

The reptilian intruder who inhabits a cult gopher body has no capacity for empathy
They are psychopathic

Political dramas will heighten
The Biden clone will have a fake death

The fake war in the Ukraine will become more intense
It is all a stage to keep the attention of the unaware masses on chicanery

Censorship is an expression of fear and desperation
The time is coming when no politically incorrect information will be allowed
Or it will be punished by the turning off of your digital bank account

They want to connect the human brain to AI
They want us to be low vibrational machines
That they can forever feed off of

5G is the frequency conduit for otherworldly beings
It is an interface for AI with this realm

But the simulated mind prison is running out of steam
It is just a matter of time until it plays out
And the house of cards will fall down

Choose what energy you resonate with
You can travel the road to a higher consciousness
Or be banded with the agents of chaos!