The Gomateshwara statue in Karnataka India near Vindya Giri
Is the tallest monolith in the world

It is 57 feet high and is carved out of a single block of granite
It was made by a past culture and we are not capable of replicating it today

It is of Lord Shiva who is Saturn in the previous age
When the Eye of Shiva closed it signaled the dissolution of the world

The Eye of Shiva was Venus
And the pupil of the Eye was Mars

Horus who was Mars was encircled by the protection of the Eye
Which was also the Crown of Glory or the Diadem of Kingship

Venus was the witch star
She had a terrifying specter that blackened the skies

Venus in her hideous aspect was Kali Inanna or Lamashtu
Lamashtu had a head of a lion body of a cobra and sported disheveled hair
They all brought the world to the brink of destruction

The Celtic version was the Goddess Hag who was a doppelganger of Venus

The Venus Goddess threw fire at the Kings enemies
She was the Uraeus Serpent and the flame thrower
She was the Cobra who was the Protector of the Crown

The fiery serpent adorned the head of Horus
And also of the Pharoahs because to pattern oneself after the gods
Meant that they were divine also

The sacred marriage of Inanna and Dumuzi was Mars in front of Venus
It was accompanied by a sudden proliferation of flowers and greenery
This was the Garden of Eden that blossomed with abundance

The result of the sexual union between Inanna and her consort Dumuzi
Resulted in Inanna being calmed and soothed

Her terrifying form disappeared
She assumed the appearance of herself as a radiant beautiful woman
And as the resplendent crown of the king Dumuzi

Many fairy tales have thus evolved into stories of a beautiful princess
Who needed to be kissed in order for her true self to appear

Venus had a 3 pronged thunderbolt that sent out tri waves of braided silver and gold
Resulting in 4 radiating streamers that arose from a common source
The 4 rivers in the Book of Genesis emanated from a single spring

The cruciform nature of these celestial rays
Became the Holy Cross that extended to the 4 quarters of the universe

The place of brightness was the circle of protection
It was the Holy Land symbolized by the Ankh
Which is a circle with a cross

In Native Amercian lore it was the 4 arrows that shine
Or the 4 flashes of lightning

It was also portrayed as 4 roads that emanated outward
Or the circle with the 4 corners that became a green garden

The Sumerian god Enlil means my Savior or breath of life
He is Lord of the Wind

The wind is the Holy Spirit which is the divine plasma
That circulates through the flux capacitor at the north pole
As a fluctuating flow of electrons that emanates in cycles of hundreds of years

This polar Tesla Tube was also the Tree of Life
Which was made up by a circle of 12
This was the origin of the 12 apostles

Judas the fake apostle was an orb
That was not always part of the circle

May the circle be unbroken!