Truth really is stranger than fiction! An advanced race of giants that lived in Earth’s history? And the further back in time – the more advanced they are? Just look at old newspaper articles. They are replete with findings of giant skeletons. One guy has collected over 2,000. The skeletons are usually found in  ancient mounds that once littered the Eastern and Midwest American landscape. Of an estimated 20,000 mounds there are only about 4,000 left. The giants are also found in underground chambers with swords, axes, shields, cauldrons even beds usually made of copper which was excavated in the Northern Michigan area mostly on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. They have huge heads, thick skulls, receding foreheads, double rows of teeth, 6 digits (like Goliath) and are usually between 7 and 9 feet tall. There are also giants 12 feet in height and some are even taller. They built effigy mounds in the shape of animals. Crawford County, Wisconsin has over 500. The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio is 1254 feet long. They built walls all over especially the New England States. They were not for separation purposes but followed ley lines. They built over 120 mounds near present day St. Louis in an area called Cahokia. The largest being  Monks Mound which is 1000 ft long, 100 ft high and 700 ft wide. They also built dams and waterways.

They are buried in the most unusual ways. In circles with their feet inward towards a giant in the middle. They are sometimes stacked one upon one another. Sometimes in a flex position with their knees up to their chest. Or sitting on chairs. They are found donned with copper masks or copper headdresses. Or with copper beads or pearls or sheets of copper. Sometimes their head is removed. Buried with them are conch shells, mussel shells, items which looks like copper spools and other items that resemble arrowheads. Iron helmets, flint pipes, stone axes, stone hammers, ivory beads, copper bracelets, copper anklets and mica ornaments are also found. They are sometimes wrapped in precious gems. Their mouths are stuffed with immense pearls. And they are wrapped like mummies. Many are buried in pairs as to help each other in their departure.

In early America the giants were the topic of many conversations. President Lincoln remarked how the eyes of the ancient giants once gazed upon the turbalent waters of Niagara Falls. Besides mounds, dolmens, effigies and various other earthworks built by these predecessors to the native Americans, stone tablets with strange cuneiform writing were also found. At the Grave Creek Mound in Moundsville, West Virginia were found two compartments. In the upper one was found a stone tablet on which were inscribed characters that resembled ancient hieroglyphics. At the Morganville mounds a nine foot skeleton was discovered. A foot away a vault was found in which was another stone tablet. This one became very well known and it was thought that the hieroglyphic writings on it would prove to be a message from an ancient race. Preachers included all this in their sermons basing their opinion of not only of what has been discovered but also on traditions and stories of the giants from the native tribes while trying to integrate it all with Biblical themes. One wrote a book and claimed an angel from another galaxy helped him decipher the strange writings on a gold tablet that he claimed he found. The book I am referring to is now the LDS church’s ‘holy book’. They also believed the mounds were filled with the remains of the lost tribes of Israel who they claimed came to the Americas and built the pyramids and megalithic structures that are found over here.

Yes the ancestors of these giants were the ones who built the pyramids before Saturn  (with Earth as one of it’s moons)  entered the demarcation zone of the present sun.  This entry through highly charged particles caused a Saturnian solar flare – which caused a circuit overload in the pyramid complex – and decimated life on earth. Then finally when the primordial sun Saturn faded into the distant sky the earth became less alive. Food wasn’t as plentiful. The giants with their highly advanced knowledge of sound, vibration and attunement transported their consciousness into another frequency or realm. An excavation of a megalithic wall in Rockwall, Texas (hence its’ name) found a giant skeleton in a concealed vault with a cauldron of human bones. The discoverers thought he was having human soup! But it only makes sense that such a highly intelligent race would be vegan. Having such remarkable knowledge in other areas they surely would have known the health benefits of a vegan diet. The bones as well as the other items found were for vibratory influences.