In order to escape 3d you need a brand new code
You need to project by knowing you are the creator
And that you can achieve the shift

Otherwise you will keep looping in the negative
Codes are a bridge to your higher dimensional self

Consciousness is based on geometry number sequences and vibration
New number sequences will speed up activation

When I was in my early thirties
I was given a code of numbers by a lady who appeared suddenly
I was sleeping but immediately woke up
I strongly felt her presence

She said Remember these numbers it is very important
Then she proceeded to say 26 14 7 50 3

She was very emphatic and even harsh
And then she disappeared – literally

I did not understand what the numbers were for
But I wrote them down

I noticed that their sum total equals 100
Which is a number of completeness

At about the same time I had another vision experience
I was out of body and was floating alongside the base of a pyramid
The pyramid was energetic and vibrant

A voice said You will have a hard time believing this but you are an alien
I wanted to ask some questions but I was caught up in the energy field of the pyramid

Afterwards I did not know what to make of it
Did that mean I was always an alien or that there was some kind of soul swap

As a young person I regularly saw spirits
I would see shadows standing beside me and would become terrified

Throughout my life I have encountered all kinds of human souls who have recently died
Some are kind some are angry some are confused some are scared
I see them with my minds eye

In my dream state I have experienced all kinds of realities
The vibration that I bring into them determines what will come about

When I was 5 almost 6 I had a traumatic incident
A life threatening event which was intermixed with acute pain

After escaping I was unable to talk because I held panic emotions
That event has led to a lifetime of stuttering

The emotions I feel on a daily basis from the trauma
Such as fear anxiety shame are hard to deal with
Especially when I was younger

I needed an intervention
And new codes!