Non humans are walking around us
At an ever increasing rate

Supernatural madness abounds

The elite openly agree
To let demonics come and take them over completely at times

They have become split souls with genetic chimerism
In other words reptoid hybrids
Who can easily reach dissociative states of being possessed

Many people are in alliance with these dark individuals
Enmeshed in a codependent parasitism
Unable to comprehend how they can exist
Outside of the mind control matrix

Mental maps and soul imprints
Are used for clones and holograms of famous people
Who are no longer on earths plane

The clones and holograms are then used to secure abundant forms of Loosh
From adoring fans

Through DNA insertion and genetic mutation
Negative reptilian entities have downloaded themselves

Which manifest as a severe lack of empathy
Within the collective consciousness of the human race

Through patriachal elite programming by external forces
Insanity and its delusions
Is forced upon the human race by those in charge

Knowing it exists
And the refusal to let the program control your mind
Is the first step towards healing!