The Corona vaccine will change your DNA
By the injection of foreign DNA into you
The pulsed electrical vibration from 5G
Will open up cell membranes
Allowing the new DNA to enter

The new DNA will include
Gene encoding poly proteins

Once the vaccine is administered
A band aid like patch will be put on
Called the vaccine tattoo
It is comprised of micro needle arrays
Which will produce a quantum dots based record
Invisibly encoded into the skin
Of your vaccination history

This patch has been developed by Micron
And is already available

The quantum dots is composed of nano crystals
Only visible by near infrared light
The pattern of quantum dots will be unique to each person

During the Fall of 2020
After some high energy generated catastrophes
And the intentional crashing of the world’s currencies
The military will be used to enforce vaccinations

Bio sensors will be dispersed throughout the body via the tattoo
They will link you to the blockchain
Which is a ledger recording all bitcoin transactions
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or digital medium of exchange
The new monetary system will be called Libra

Microsoft has already developed this
And it’s patent number is 2020 060606

The unique pattern embedded below the surface of the skin
Is the Mark of the Beast
On the surface it will appear as an X
The X coloration is called Lucifer Rays

The bio sensors will also monitor
The person’s behavior and mental state
They will record the person’s vaccination history
And identify who each person is
Bio sensors will verify that you have a changed DNA

The tattoo patch will be administered on the hand or forehead
According to personal preference
It will be a proof of certificate
Allowing a person to travel, work or go to school

Through the 5G Phase Array
You will be connected to the Cloud
Which is the infrastructure of the Beast System
Then you will be linked to the Blockchain
Which links to the cryptocurrency

The Beast System is a package of technologies

You will be part of the Hive Mind
And no longer have independent thought
You will lose focus and awareness
And no longer be fully human

The tattoo will act as an antennae
To receive and send 5G signals

Because of the radiation involved
There will be health problems
Such as breathing and sleep disorders
Cardiac disruptions and chronic inflammation
Mental illness, cancer and even mutations

This vaccine is an existential threat to humanity
People who refuse to take it
Will be social outcasts
And be given weird looks
They will not be able to be employed

If they try to enter a public building
They will set off an alarm
And be removed and quarantined

The reason the government purchased guillotines
Is because the plan is to use them in the later phase

Social distancing of 6 feet away
Will mean 6 feet underground

By taking the Corona vaccine
You will modify your DNA
And self mutate
And adapt to a new environment
And a whole new world

And at the same time
Not even be cognizant
That your DNA has been changed

The pulsed electrical system of 5G will soon be turned on
And the world will be full of
Entranced and genetically modified people
Who have no clue
That they are being controlled